Types of Denture Repairs and When to Seek Help from Your Local Denturist

Here are some of the types of repairs a Denturist can perform:

Cracked or broken teeth:
One of the most common denture repair needs in Edmonton is breakage. This usually happens when the wearer drops the dentures in the sink or on the floor when removing or putting them in place. Or it can happen when biting into something hard. Most cracked or broken false teeth can be repaired. But DIY repair kits should be avoided. More often than not, non-professional denture repairs in Edmonton lead to further complications down the road in adjustment and durability. And poor quality repairs are often more difficult to redo than repairing it professionally the first time.

Worn teeth: Daily wear and tear on dentures is to be expected. Exposure to strong temperature differentials and teeth grinding habits can also contribute to early signs of denture wear. As a general rule, dentures are designed to be replaced every 5 – 7 years. But if signs of wear pop up earlier than that, individual teeth can be replaced or repaired.

Lost teeth: If one or more teeth are lost, they can usually be replaced easily by a Denturist, without compromising fit and aesthetic.

Adding teeth: In the event of a loss of a natural tooth, a denture can often be adapted to the new space. Extra teeth can be added to replace newly extracted or broken natural teeth.

Adjustments: Dentures can require adjustment for a number of reasons. There can be normal wear of the denture or changes in the gums underneath. In this case a denture can be relined to renew the contact area with the gum. Or maybe the Denturist will suggest having dentures rebased, which consists of refabricating the pink acrylic of the denture that holds the teeth in place. 

Stain removal: If denture stains become a problem, Denturists are professionally equipped to remove all kinds of stains from dentures safely and without damaging the finish.

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