Benefits of seeing a denturist in Edmonton

How Seeing a Denturist in Edmonton Can Benefit You

How is seeing a Denturist beneficial?

  • Trust. Denturists follow rigorous training from an accredited Denturist technology program, complete with on-the-job training. They are then required to obtain the proper license from the province before they can practice. They are fully knowledgeable and qualified to collect a patient’s medical and dental history to help identify potential denture-related problems, and they can perform a visual examination and evaluation of a patient’s mouth, teeth and facial structure.
  • Quality of workmanship. Denturists specialize in every aspect of creating a smile that mimics the look and function of real teeth.Whether it’s taking an impression of oral tissue to help in selecting artificial teeth and design dentures, fabricating and fitting dentures, treating traumatized oral tissue or repairing or adjusting dentures, Denturists are the professionals to consult for advice and work on dentures.
  • Implant-supported prostheses. Denturists don’t perform surgery but they will work with an oral surgeon to provide the best-looking and best-fitting implant-supported dental prostheses available, both removable and fixed. The unparalleled convenience, robustness and look of implant-supported prostheses are taking dentistry by storm and Denturists in Edmonton are fully qualified to work in tandem with an attendant dental surgeon to design, fabricate and install them.
  • Other services. Denturists can also design and fabricate custom sports mouthguards and anti-bruxism devices against nighttime teeth grinding, provide tooth-whitening services, clone dentures, as well as repairs, relines and adjusting removable dentures.
The Bonnie Doon Denture Clinic prides itself on providing friendly, compassionate, speedy and quality care. Those qualities come from their decades of experience in the Denturist field. Contact them today with your questions or to book an appointment!
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